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Nandan Nilekani promises scheme like NREGA for unemployed engineers of Bangalore

31, Mar 2014 By idiot420

Bangalore. In order to attract unemployed engineers of the city, Congress candidate from Bangalore South, Nandan Nilekani has promised a scheme similar to MGNREGA.

“Rajiv Gandhi National Technology Employment Guarantee Act (RGNTEGA) will ensure at least 100 days of guaranteed wage employment in a financial year to all the unemployed software engineers of Bangalore,” said Nilekani while announcing his second most ambitious project after Aadhaar Card.

“I know them, now they are going to vote for me.”

“It’s not a new thing for me, as even when I was in Infosys, we used to do bulk hiring from engineering colleges. It was the same work, but in corporate style,” Nilekani added further, highlighting his past work experience of handling such projects.

When asked about possible danger of RGNTEGA meeting the same fate as that of Aadhaar Card scheme, Nilekani rejected the apprehension and said that the presence of ‘Rajiv Gandhi’ in project name is sufficient enough for its success.

As per sources close to Nilekani, most of the engineers getting employment through RGNTEGA would be working on a dream web project of Rahul Gandhi.

“Rahul wants to empower Indians by creating a website with combined features of Facebook, Google, Twitter, Flipkart, MakeMyTrip, IRCTC, YouTube, Wikipedia and LinkedIn,” a Congress insider revealed to Faking News.

“When it comes to being a visionary, his imagination knows no boundaries,” the insider explained.

Considering huge population of jobless engineers in Bangalore, Nilekani’s move is being seen as a masterstroke.

Even the punchline of the scheme, ‘Har ungli shakti, har ungli tarakki‘, which reportedly was coined by Congress VP Rahul Gandhi, is quite apt and going viral among the jobless IT crowd.

Although many of the jobless engineers are happy with the news, they are also expecting ‘bench’ culture during their employment period under RGNTEGA.

“Job and all are fine, but for a proper work life balance, a minimum 20 days of bench warming would be good enough,” said a 2010 engineering pass out. With elections round the corner, it’s highly probable that Nilekani would agree to engineers’ demand.