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Narcotics Bureau raids Maken’s house after he claims Congress will form govt in Delhi

06, Feb 2015 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. Soon after probable Congress Delhi CM candidate Ajay Maken claimed that Congress was forming govt in Delhi on 10th Feb, Narcotics Control Bureau conducted a raid at his house in Rajouri Garden.

The narcotics department argues that such a statement from Maken, considering the currently very much apparent bipolar fight in the national capital, made them suspicious that he was consuming drugs and maybe even in possession of them.

When asked how many seats he projects for both AAP and BJP.
When asked how many seats he projects for both AAP and BJP.

“His uber confident body language and swagger,betrayed the harsh reality of Congress in Delhi, and had all of us convinced that he was definitely under influence of some very advanced, expensive and high level drugs,” said an official from NCB who was part of the raid.

“It certainly couldn’t have been liquor alone,” he added.

“His conviction that Congress will form govt despite getting just 30 seats (as later claimed by Maken in an interview) out of total 70 assembly seats, further had us convinced,” he pointed to another statement by Maken.

“In retrospect, we would have gone ahead and conducted a raid even if he predicted 10 seats for Congress,” he concluded.

Ajay Maken in his defense took a cue from AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal and called NCB a Modi agent.

“BJP and Modi are obviously panicking because they are losing. And want to know secret of our success in upcoming polls. That’s why they ordered a raid,” Maken argued.

Meanwhile, BJP took this opportunity to hit out at both AAP and Congress.

“Why did Maken claim that Congress will form govt and then claim that they will get 30 seats in same breath? It is obvious that AAP will provide rest of the seats to steer Congress above majority,” Amit Shah told Faking News.