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Narendra Modi cancels dinner with himself to improve his image

04, Mar 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Narendra Modi was to have a quiet dinner all by himself tonight, however latest reports confirm that Modi has cancelled the dinner with himself under pressure from multiple stakeholders.

“The Chief Minister of Gujarat didn’t want to be seen with Narendra Modi,” a close aide of the BJP’s most advertised Prime Ministerial candidate told Faking News, “He hopes that this step will help him gain some goodwill among those who oppose everything related to Narendra Modi.”

Narendra Modi
Modi calling Modi?

Sources say that some stakeholders in Modi’s Prime Ministerial prospects advised him to cancel his dinner with Modi, arguably the most polarizing and controversial leader of India.

They claimed that it will help improve Narendra Modi’s image and public perception, even though Narendra Modi has historically been Narendra Modi in reality.

“Reality or history doesn’t matter,” a stakeholder explained, “The same people, who accuse USA of killing millions of Muslims in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Palestine, etc., celebrate USA’s prudence and integrity when it refuses a visa to Narendra Modi.”

“Unlike USA, Narendra Modi is accused of killing thousands, not millions of Muslims, so it should be easier for Modi to improve his image,” the stakeholder claimed.

“In fact, we have reports that some University in Tel Aviv is planning to invite Narendra Modi and subsequently cancelling their invite to improve Israel’s public perception,” the stakeholder further claimed, but independent sources couldn’t verify the claim.

Sources say that BJP could advertise Narendra Modi as the only person who refused and cancelled a private dinner with Narendra Modi, thus a secular person capable of taking on Narendra Modi.

“What’s so strange in that? Doesn’t Congress oppose years of mis-governance by itself that causes just 15 paisa (out of a rupee) to reach the aam aadmi?” a BJP leader justified this approach because Congress does the same.

It’s not yet clear who has replaced Narendra Modi to have dinner with Narendra Modi. When Faking News contacted Narendra Modi to comment on Narendra Modi, he said, “All I will say is that the paneer used in dinner has been made from milk of Gujarat.”