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Narendra Modi government cancels Rahul Gandhi's passport to ensure he stays in India till state elections

11, Jan 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Election commission has announced elections in 5 states during the month of February/March and BJP has started preparing for it in earnest. With tough competition expected in the elections, BJP is leaving nothing to chance. As part of their preparations, BJP led NDA government has canceled the passport of Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi to ensure he stays within the country till the elections.

Rahul Gandhi
He is back!

Rahul Gandhi has just returned to India after celebrating the New Year abroad and BJP doesn’t want him to leave again before voting closes in the 5 states going to poll.Since 2014, Rahul has been treated as BJP’s star campaigner and they are banking on him again to deliver victory in these 5 states.

“Yes it may be a little unethical to cancel his passport like that but when have ethics ever delivered an election win? Rahul Ji can appeal against this cancellation or apply for a new passport. Either way, by the time he gets back his passport, voting will be over and then he can go to whichever holiday destination he wants. Till then, we hope he stays in poll bound states and addresses as many rallies as possible”, a senior BJP minister told Faking News.

Reacting angrily to this development, Congress has accused BJP of fascism and dictatorship. “How can they randomly cancel anyone’s passport? This is clear abuse of power and we must protest against it. They couldn’t cancel Vijay Mallya’s passport but can find the time to randomly cancel Rahul Ji’s passport? Election commission must look at it as clear violation of code of conduct”, a Congress spokesman said.

Meanwhile, state BJP unit in Uttar Pradesh has asked for cancellation of Narendra Modi’s passport as well. “Our entire strategy is- invite Modi ji, let him give speeches, win elections. If he leaves India as he likes to do, who will help us win elections?” an official of UP BJP asked.