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Narendra Modi to organize “Vibrant BJP” summit

09, Feb 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

Gandhinagar. After widely assumed success of various “Vibrant Gujarat” summits organized by Gujarat government under Narendra Modi, the Gujarat Chief Minister is planning to host “Vibrant BJP” summit to showcase BJP as a growing and prosperous political party.

“Most critics claim that Modi has well marketed the ‘Gujarat model of development’ through such summits. Now the next thing that is needed is to market BJP among the voters ahead of the 2014 elections; that’s why this new summit,” Sujit Patel, a close aide of the Gujarat CM told Faking News.

Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi making a pitch

However, those invited to the summit are not the common voters, but political leaders.

“The first step towards making BJP a vibrant party is to widen its appeal among potential allies,” Modi’s aide informed, “We have extended invitations to everyone, including leaders from Congress and UPA allies. They can come in person or send delegations, depending upon how they want the public to perceive their relationship with NaMo.”

The summit will run for a week, and the host Narendra Modi will use this opportunity to prove why BJP was a great destination for “investment” by political parties and leaders, as it was set to form the next government at center.

“Well, there is no empirical data to prove that BJP was set to form the next government, but then we can always put something like data on the PowerPoint slides to drive home a point,” claimed Sujit, an MBA by education.

Sources inform that BJP President Rajnath Singh will inaugurate the summit, but all the events will be moderated and supervised by the Gujarat CM.

“Yes, Bihar CM Nitish Kumar has also been invited,” Modi’s aide responded when asked, “We will get to know whether he has accepted or declined the invitation by reading tomorrow’s newspapers.”

Unconfirmed sources say that Sonia Gandhi received three copies of invitations – one meant for her, and other two forwarded by Rahul Gandhi and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. She trashed all the three as the subject line read “Are you ready to meet the next Prime Minister of India?”

When asked why was the summit named “Vibrant BJP” even though it appeared more like aimed at projecting Narendra Modi as the growing and prosperous party rather than the BJP, the Modi aide said, “Yes, we could have called it ‘Vibrant Modi’, and that’s what it is, but then we thought we should let the critics say the same.”

“It has more impact that way,” he added.

(originally written for and published in English daily DNA)