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Narendra Modi to support Nitish Kumar’s campaign against himself

12, Sep 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

Ahmedabad. Bihar CM Nitish Kumar, who is expected to campaign in the Gujarat assembly elections for his party candidates fighting against BJP candidates later this year, finds himself in a fix as Gujarat CM Narendra Modi has extended support to his campaign.

“I welcome Nitish Ji to Gujarat, I look forward to his election rallies,” Narendra Modi tweeted earlier today, which was followed by a random tweet quoting Swami Vivekananda.

Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar
A file photo of the two rather similar looking CMs together

Expectedly, the tweet immediately heated up the political atmosphere across the country and on Twitter. Even though the tweet merely mentioned a welcome to Nitish Kumar, it was commonly interpreted as Narendra Modi’s support to Nitish Kumar’s election campaign.

One group termed it as a blow to Modi, while another declared that it was a sure sign that Modi was going to sweep the assembly elections. Both these groups refused to explain their reasoning.

“NaMo is welcoming Nitish to Gujarat so that he has at least some competition after Congress backed out from Rahul Gandhi versus Narendra Modi fight,” claimed a tweeter, who was identified as a troll and a deeply communal person.

“Modi is worried that he would lose elections, so he is not burning any bridges. He is reaching out to Nitish so that he is not isolated,” claimed another tweeter, who was identified as a paid Congress agent who received kickbacks from coal scam just last night.

Narendra Modi refused to explain the meaning of his tweet but experts believe that Modi is trying to queer the pitch for Nitish Kumar, who will find it difficult to travel to Gujarat for election campaign.

“If Modi supports Kumar and joins him in some of his political rallies, there will be fresh pictures of both of them together – a nightmare for Nitish Kumar!” a political expert explained Nitish’s increased problems after Modi’s announcement.