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National Herald Case: After stalling Parliament, Congress plans to disrupt court hearings too

11, Dec 2015 By Shaitaan Khopdi ™

New Delhi: After not letting the Parliament function in winter session so far, Congress today raised the game a notch higher. Congress spokesperson declared that they will disrupt court proceedings too if judiciary continues to show its arrogance.

Now get ready to see similar protest in court too
Now get ready to see similar protest in court too

We won’t let the court function if it gives verdict against our leaders. We have successfully blocked both houses of parliament while having only 44 MP. What makes you think we can’t do the same to judiciary? Congress also accused high court of pursuing Legal Vendetta against Gandhis.

Why is court adamant on Gandhis being personally present during the proceedings? This is pure arrogance. If judges really want to see Sonia ji or Rahul ji, they can take the appointment and visit 10 Janpath, Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge said while checking Rahul Gandhi’s holiday calendar.

Shaitaan Khopdi™ tried to reason with Kharge by saying, ‘In a democracy, court is the supreme authority’. But Kharge was ready with the answer, ‘There should be reasonable restriction on judiciary’s adventurism. When it’s about Gandhi family, courts and democracy can wait. That has been the tradition since 1975. But during last 18 months old traditions have been thrown in the dustbin. Why so much arrogance and intolerance is being directed towards Congress?’

Reacting to the situation Rahul Gandhi said, “Justice is in my shirt, in my pant. In fact it used to be in my pocket till May 2014. We used to appoint judges on the cases related to us. This ‘Suit-Boot ki Sarkar’ is snatching everything away from people like us”.

When asked about his involvement in National Herald case, Gandhi replied, “We tried to revive a media house which was struggling to stay afloat. Is it something new we have done? So many media houses are surviving only because of our money. But why court is taking special interest in this case? That’s why I call it Politics of Vendetta.”

All this while national mainstream media was struggling to find news they can carry in order to avoid reporting on National Herald.

With no hearing lined up for either Indrani Mukharjea or IPL spot fixing cases it looked like they may have to betray Congress. But thankfully #SalmanVerdict arrived just in time leading to a big sigh of relief in news rooms and in 10 Janpath.

At the time of filing this report an NDTV reporter stationed in front of Salman’s house was trying to guess the name of designer of Malaika Arora Khan’s dress as she came to greet him.