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Navjot Sidhu has already forgotten why he resigned from Rajya Sabha

26, Aug 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Patiala: Former MP Navjot Singh Sidhu, who resigned from his Rajya Sabha membership mid-July, has already forgotten the reason behind his decision. As the country in general and Punjab in particular await his next move, Sidhu can’t remember why he made his previous move.

“Oye main resign kyun kitta si”

It has been 6 weeks since Mr. Sidhu resigned and everyone is eagerly waiting for him to join AAP or Congress or start his own party, but the colourful politician has only been seen having a party on ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’.

“Well it has been a while so I can’t really recall why I resigned from Rajya Sabha. I know there was a good reason but I am not really sure what the reason was. There is no IPL around so definitely not because of my commentary duties. Kapil’s show was there earlier too but I never let that come in the way of my duties earlier. I wonder what my reason was”, Mr. Sidhu said to our Faking News correspondent.

“Going to the Rajya Sabha was a good excuse to get away from the wife for a few days so I wonder why I chose to give that up. I tried watching some of my interviews from back then but they don’t make much sense. I say the same shers during cricket commentary and Kapil’s show as well, why did I say these shers then? Maybe I shouldn’t have taken so long to decide my next step that I forgot the reasons for my previous step” Mr. Sidhu wondered.

When we wondered that maybe it was because he couldn’t handle the workload, Mr. Sidhu said,”HAHAHAHAHA O GURU maar suttya. I was a Rajya Sabha MP bhai, what work?”

Meanwhile, BJP Punjab is trying to convince Mr. Sidhu that he resigned from rajya Sabha to work for BJP Punjab on the ground. At the same time, AAP is trying to remind Mr. Sidhu that he quit to join AAP party in Punjab.

When we asked Mr. Sidhu how will he decide his next step if he can’t remember his reasons, he said,”Meri hasti koi yun hi nahin mitayega, Kitne din Sidhu aise soch me bitayega, meri jaan, sochna kya job hi hoga dekha jayega.”