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Navjot Sidhu’s Awaaz-e-Punjab to hold unique rallies, audience will give speeches, Sidhu will sit and laugh

09, Sep 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Chandigarh: Ex-Rajya Sabha MP Navjot Singh Sidhu’s new political forum ‘Awaaz-e-Punjab’ is set to change the rules of political rallies. Mr. Sidhu announced today that they will hold rallies all across Punjab where the audience will give all the speeches while Sidhu himself will sit on a sofa and laugh.

Sidhu rehearsing for his rallies

Weeks after resigning from Rajya Sabha, former cricketer Navjot Sidhu had formed this political forum along with former Indian Hockey captain Pargat Singh, and Bains brothers. With elections in Punjab due early next year, there has been speculation that they will fight as a fourth front against SAD-BJP, INC and AAP.

Addressing the media persons, Mr. Sidhu said,”We are here to change every aspect of politics and that includes the political rallies. So far we have seen politicians giving long speeches and public getting bored. Now we will give people the chance to come on stage and speak while I will sit in front of the stage and laugh after every line.”

“It is all about focusing on your core competency. When I am good at laughing, then why shouldn’t I do that? And public always complains that politicians don’t listen to them so that complaint will be resolved as well. I will listen to all of them and laugh along”, Sidhu added.

When we asked Mr. Sidhu how will he manage to laugh if the people don’t crack any jokes, he replied,”HAHAHAHAHAHAHA O Guru, haven’t you seen me on any reality show? I don’t need a joke to make me laugh.”

When asked to clarify whether Awaaz-e-Punjab will fight elections in Punjab or not, Mr. Sidhu replied,”Angoor pighalta hai to sharaab ho jaati hai, Chingaari bhadakti hai to aftaab ho jaati hai, Jab aadmi pareshaan ho Badal, Congress, AAP se, to uski Party Awaaz-e-Punjab ho jaati hai.. Thoko Taali.. Thoko.. Thoko.