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Navjot Singh Sidhu may do something soon

12, Jan 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Chandigarh: Ex-cricketer and current politician Navjot Singh Sidhu is likely to do something very soon and we mean very, very soon. We are not sure what that something might be but we are guessing that it might be linked to Punjab elections scheduled for 4th of February.

“Kuch to kar ke dikhaoonga”

Ever since Sidhu resigned from Rajya Sabha, people are speculating that he may do something but so far, he has done nothing. However, this time there is a strong feeling among experts that he will do something and he will do it very soon.

“Well he may start campaigning for Congress, he may officially join Congress, he may become the deputy CM candidate for Congress or he may simply change the design of his chair on the Kapil Sharma show. We aren’t quite sure what it is that he will do but you can sense that he is going to do whatever he wants to do”, leading expert of something, Dr Anything told Faking News.

When contacted, Navjot Kaur Sidhu confirmed the news when she said ,”My husband said clearly that he is going to do something after resigning from Rajya Sabha and it will be related to Punjab. Yes it has taken a few months where he got confused about what he wanted to do but now he is in a good space and is thinking clearly. He will be doing something very soon and it will be done openly in front of the public.”

The man himself refused to tell us what exactly he is going to do and started laughing whenever we asked him a question.