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Naxal leader Kishenji joins Twitter, government hopeful of dialogue

28, Jul 2010 By Manik Mahna

Dantewada. In a move that has surprised many, dreaded Naxal leader Kishenji aka Koteshwar Rao has registered himself on the popular social networking site Twitter. He will now be tweeting from the user ID @naughtykishen77.

The move failed to shock leading image management guru Dilip Cherian, Founding Partner of Perfect Relations. “It is only natural for Kishenji to be on twitter. It is the perfect platform for him to attract a large number of youth to easily influence.” he said, adding “Furthermore, there is a trend today of everyone and their dog also having a twitter account. Kishenji will be able to keep tabs on the whereabouts of leading politicians and businessmen through this medium.”

A picture of Kishenji, which has been given to the CRPF personnel by the Home Ministry, so that they can capture him without any trouble

Home minister P. Chidambaram has welcomed the move wholeheartedly. “I am very happy that Kishenji is on Twitter. Finally there can be some communication between the government and the rebels. I have already tweeted a photo of myself holding a white flag. I am also encouraging our senior ministers to join computer classes so that they can also be on Twitter to increase the communication effectively.”

There was however, no adequate reply as to why the senior ministers of our country need lessons to join twitter. Sources inform that a company co-owned by Lalit Modi’s 17th cousin and BCCI boss Shashank Manohar’s 4th cousin has already been given the contract for these classes.

The BJP, in a move that has surprised no one, has staged a walkout and has demanded an Internet Bandh tomorrow for the whole day. “Why are only the congress leaders being given twitter lessons? Are they son-in-laws of Evan Williams (twitter founder)?” said BJP Leader Nitin Gadkari.

Deep sources within the ministry inform us that a committee will be formed to handle social media interactions with Kishenji and Shashi Tharoor is being considered for the head job due to his expertise generally in communication and specifically in Twitter.

Both Shashi Tharoor and Kishenji could not be reached for comments but are expected to tweet soon.

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