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NCP demands more seats from Congress to lose in Maharashtra assembly elections

17, Jun 2014 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. Unhappy with their UPA ally Congress stealing the limelight in the just concluded Lok Sabha elections, NCP has demanded more seats to lose in upcoming Maharasthra assembly elections.

Arguing that its not just Congress party’s birthright to lose, NCP leaders have made this demand on the basis of it’s much worse performance that Congress in some of the constituencies and claim they are totally fair in asking for it.

“We can’t let them lose every time. We were generous in Lok Sabha elections where we let them contest and lose from most of the seats. But not this time,” Nawab Malik, Chief spokesperson of NCP said.

“Give some more seats to lose please”

”Even we have the talent to lose and we proved it in whatever limited opportunities we got that we can lose more convincingly and by much bigger margins than Congress,” argued Nawab who said that NCP had the ability to lose on its own and doesn’t need allies.

NCP also claims that in Maharasthra, Congress managed to perform poorly only because they were riding on the huge anti-incumbency wave created by the hard work of NCP.

“Our leaders Ajit Dada Pawar and Narayan Rane worked their ass off, came up with innovative remarks to put off voters and Congress simply wants to come and take all the credit,” added Nawab.

NCP was further angry with Congress not mentioning and acknowledging NCP’s efforts even once in their defeat speech.

“To hell with Rahul Gandhi. We too can and want to lose under the leadership and vision of Sharad Pawar ji,” said another NCP leader looking desperate to feel the smell of defeat.

Congress however snubbed NCP’s demand pointing to the pathetically high win percentage of NCP, which may not work in its favor when the final decision is taken later this week. Backing their claims with stats, Congress argued their lose percentage of 8.10% stood tall over NCP’s 11.10%.

“Losing convincingly is one thing. But maintain a poor win percentage is a different ball game al together. It requires the skills of Priyanka Gandhi and Pan India non-acceptance of Rahul Gandhi ji’s caliber,” Sushil Kumar Shinde said.