NCP to sell Pawar Ink Erasers to raise funds for elections

24, Mar 2014 By Sudhanshu Chopra

Mumbai. Looks like Modi mugs, Rahul Gandhi T-Shirts, and AAP caps have had their 15 minutes of fame. Now is the turn of newly launched Pawar Ink Eraser (PIE), which is being demanded by everyone in the country.

Introduced soon after his address in Mumbai, where the NCP chief Sharad Pawar urged his supporters to vote twice for the party after erasing ink marks on their fingers, the product has become an instant hit, with demand for the erasers pouring-in like Mumbai Monsoons.

Ink Eraser
A rubber can change your life

“Entire election funding of NCP could be done by selling these erasers, as supporters of every party are hugely excited at the prospects of voting twice,” Mohan Lal, a freshly appointed stockiest of PIE claimed.

However, it’s not only political workers who are interested in buying these erasers that can remove traces of what Election Commission of India calls as “indelible ink”.

“Students taking their board examinations are also interested as they can erase answers that they copy from faulty chits,” a market analyst of ink erasers told Faking News.

“Not only those taking board exams, even those in college want it,” the analyst further claimed, “Girls who had got their boyfriends’ names tattooed but later broke up, want these erasers to get rid of the tattoos.”

Excited by the response, NCP has now retracted the retraction of Sharad Pawar and claimed that Mr. Pawar was not joking but he was pretty serious about erasing ink marks.

“That’s our poll strategy and we have the erasers ready. We will sell it to the common man,” an NCP leader announced.

Sources say that Pawar Ink Eraser will be promoted not only as ink eraser, but as a revolutionary product that can remove other marks and stains as well.

“Kalmadi could try it,” a source explained.

“Or this could be a good replacement for fairness creams,” the source added.

NCP scientists are trying to find if PIE can be used to erase old tweets as well, which could help leaders changing parties, or celebrities joining politics.

“It works. I could finally get rid of Holi colors!” confirmed Pappu, one of the first buyers of PIE.