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Inducting ND Tiwari to break free of the "Party of celibates" tag: Amit Shah

18, Jan 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Dehradun: Former CM of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand and veteran Congress leader ND Tiwari is all set to join BJP along with his son Rohit Shekhar. While this development has shocked many including the BJP supporters, party president Amit Shah has revealed that this is all part of an image makeover exercise by the BJP.

ND Tiwari
“BJP, Aa raha hoon main”

“Many people think of BJP and RSS as organisations of celibates and sanyaasis. Even our very vocal supporter Baba Ramdev recently said that we don’t even know about marriage season in India because we are a party of bachelors. Recently, even our own MP Sakshi Maharaj blamed people with multiple children for the population rise in the country. Now all these statements could have cost us the votes of married people as well as votes of people who have many children. Therefore, we thought it would be best if we do something dramatic to shatter that image”, Amit Shah said addressing the media at the local BJP office.

The best person to shatter that image as per BJP is ND Tiwari, the man who has been involved in sex scandals and paternity suits over the course of his illustrious career.

“With the elections in some very important states coming up soon, we needed to move fast and decisively. That is why we decided to induct the symbol of fatherhood in modern day India, ND Tiwari into our party. Not just him, we are also going to induct one of his sons, Rohit Shekhar to send the message that we are a very inclusive party. This will change the perception of people that we are just a group of celibate men”, Amit Shah added.

Before joining, ND Tiwari ji has placed a condition that any ‘One family, one ticket’ rule will not be applicable to him as he isn’t quite sure about any future sons that he may encounter and a ticket will be required for them as well.