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After NeechAadmi remark on PM, Manikchand Gutkha appoints Manishankar Ayyar its brand ambassador

08, Dec 2017 By Shaitaan Khopdi ™

New Delhi: Impressed by his ability to identify Onnche Log and Neeche Log, Manikchand Paan Masala has appointed Mani Shankar Ayyar their brand ambassador. According to the sources Manikchand group is looking to launch a new ad campaign with a fresh new model who can look convincing while delivering their decades old tagline, “Oonche Log, Oonchi Pasand!! Manikchand” and Manishankar Ayyar just managed to ace it.


For decades, we have been trying to establish our brand through a jingle “Oonche Log, Oonchi Pasand Manikchand”. We even made some funny but pathetic ads in an effort to convince people that Manikchand is the choice of elite people. Finally, we have what we were looking for. A model with air of elitism.

When our journalist Shaitaan Khopdi™ tried to interview Ayyar, he refused to talk to us saying, “You Neeche Log, first go and eat some Manikchand Gutkha”. Shaitaan Khopdi™ proudly announced that he is from Kanpur & Gutkha to him is like water to a fish. After this disclaimer, he was respectfully escorted to interview Mr Ayyar.

In a candid talk, Ayyar told us that his phone has not stopped ringing after he used the word #NeechAadmi for PM Modi. Immediately after Manikchand people left, ‘Rajnigandha Paan Masala’ owner called in. They also find me very suitable for their taglineMuh me Rajnigandha, Kadmo me Duniya”. I had to say No to them with a heavy heart since I have already accepted Manikchand’s offer. Ayyar even let out a chuckle when he saw WhatsApp message from Center-Fresh (Zabaan Pe Lagaam) CEO asking for his time to discuss urgent matter. “I am sure Rahul Gandhi has passed on my number to them,” Ayyar told us with a candid smile.