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Need time to examine resignation letters, each letter must be Arial font with size 10: K’taka Speaker

14, Jul 2019 By dasu

Bengaluru: Karnataka speaker Mr. Ramesh Kumar has clarified why he needed additional time to go through the resignation letters put by rebel MLAs.


“As per the decorum of the assembly each MLA should have printed their resignation letters on a A4 paper. The font used must be Arial with size as 10”, said Mr. Ramesh Kumar.

“My guess is all these MLAs in a hurry to catch their flights to Mumbai might not have followed the protocol. So, allow me some time to examine the letters”, said Ramesh Kumar in his petition to apex court.

When a reporter asked “Sir, it has been already seven days, India is already out of the world cup, how much time does he need?”, to which Mr. Kumar retorted, “Do you know each letter has close to 100 words. With so many resignations at my desk, I have more than 1000 letters under my lens. It’s not easy for one person to go through so many letters quickly”.

“Those of you who want everything fast, where are you when RBI took more than two years to count old notes?”, asked Mr. Kumar in an angry tone.

Honorable supreme court’s decision to put status quo on the resignation of rebel MLAs till Tuesday has given Mr. Kumar a breather. “I am happy I can watch the full England-New Zealand final clash on Sunday. Now I have lots of the time in my hands”, said Mr. Kumar

“But let me assure you all, like Dhoni I won’t leave everything till last minute”, told Mr. Kumar to anxious Journalists waiting outside his office.