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New helipad to be constructed in Hyderabad Univ campus to cater to huge inflow of politicians and media

21, Jan 2016 By Pagla Ghoda

Hyderabad: Private sector aviation in Telangana has seen a surge of activity after fresh incident of selective intolerance was recently reported at central university of Hyderabad, owing to which lot of politicians and senior media persons are making daily trips between Hyderabad and Delhi/ Mumbai.

The new helipad for the convenience of media and politicians
The new helipad for the convenience of media and politicians

Also to avoid road traffic congestion a lot of politicians are feeling a need to take helicopter rides directly from airport to Hyderabad university to save travel time and invest that valuable time in propaganda.

Consequently a new helipad may soon be constructed within the Hyderabad university campus to cater to convenience of top political brass in the country.

Manjunath Kattappaswamy who is MD of Udaan Aviators and specializes in “on-demand” helicopters and private jets to VIPs and VVIPs, spoke to our reporter about sudden increase in private aviation demand from rest-of-India to Hyderabad.

He said, “I won’t name my customers but demand for private aviation has seen a surge here. One of my top customers who generally travels between Delhi, Italy and Thailand has asked for a sudden trip to Hyderabad. One of the senior journalists who travels from Delhi to Srinagar occasionally, too enquired about our service. It’s tough to arrange at such short notice but then we are the specialists. ”

Mr. Kattappaswamy further continued, “These rides are very-very costly, but then money is not an issue for old journos and new politicians. They are very well funded by their investors,” Mr. Kattappaswamy winked.

“Which is why we not only provide aviation solutions but also focus on infrastructure. There is news that new helipad will be constructed within Hyderabad university campus. That was our initiative. We have also asked Hyderabad civic authorities to plan a straight no-stops private expressway from Hyderabad Airport to Hyderabad university which will be used only by VVIPs. There is no point in me flying an important VVIP from Delhi to Hyderabad Airport in 2 hours and then him taking 3 hours to reach from airport to university. We aim to optimize all the legs of our customer’s journey,” he reasoned.

While it is not yet clear if these new infrastructure plans will materialize very soon but it is being rumored that a branch of Hyderabad university campus may be temporarily setup within 5 KM radius of airport so that politicians can quickly come in via morning flight, get photos clicked “on campus” while protesting on intolerance, and leave by a same day flight in the evening.