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New startup company launched to provide garbage for VIPs to clean as part of “Swachhta Hi Sewa” campaign

18, Sep 2017 By dasu

New Delhi: When newly appointed tourism minister Alphons Kannanthanam reached India Gate to start the cleanliness drive as part of the central government’s fortnight-long Swachhta Hi Sewa campaign, he found the place to be ‘too clean’. Volunteer present there along with minister had to literally run around to ‘arrange’ some garbage for the program to kick start.


Taking a clue from this piece of news, Manu Thomas an entrepreneur has started a new startup called, “Garbage India” which will provide healthy, dust free, clean garbage to the VIPs whenever they need.

While Talking to us Mr. Manu Thomas said, “Celebrities, Ministers, Bureaucrats whoever need it, we will provide within six hours. We will have different options which they can choose while ordering. Like if you have dust allergy and care for the ‘health’ of the people who will be with you during that event, we suggest to go for ‘dust free’ options. It’s little costly, but I would say it is value for money looking at the health benefits”.

Mr. Thomas added, “While putting the order, we request VIPs to fill a questionnaire where we will ask them to fill in which place the event will happen, what they are planning to wear for that event. Depending on that we suggest few color options. As you can see in our catalogue, we have more than 30 varieties of color options for garbage. In our webpage as well as apps, you can see some sample photographs of celebrities how they look during Swachhta campaign with our garbage in the backdrop”.

When we asked Mr. Thomas will the garbage they provide is ‘organic’. He said, “Of course, it is. For our high-profile customers, we will order it from places like Switzerland and New Zealand. From start to end we will use only ‘ecofriendly’ material”.

With PM Modi’s chances of coming back to power almost 100% in 2019, Swachh Bharat Mission will continue for some more years. Many venture capitalists want to invest in Manu Thomas’s ‘Garbage India’ as they see a lot of ‘growth’ potential in it.