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Nitesh Rane smashes his TV set after remote gets stuck on DD Gujarati

07, Nov 2014 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. Congress MLA Nitesh Rane today smashed his Television set after his remote stopped functioning and he inadvertently got stuck on DD Gujarati while browsing through channels.

Fresh from justifying his stand about expelling Gujaratis from Mumbai to media houses and on Twitter, Rane was tired and thought of rejuvenating himself while watching TV, when the unfortunate incident occurred.

Rane invited Media after the incident.
Rane invited Media after the incident.

“Saheb was also excited to see if Arnab and Co had finally taken notice of him and had his fingers crossed,” Rane’s servant revealed.

However to Rane’s horror, the battery of the remote control discharged suddenly while he was flipping through channels and got stuck on DD Gujarati. Unable to do much about it, he got restless and first broke the remote.

Coupled with his failure to find himself being discussed on news channels and also being unsuccessful in his attempt trend on Twitter, he smashed his TV in a fit of rage.

“It seemed that DD Gujarati channel was trying to take control of a TV in a Marathi household and hence had to be taught a lesson,” he justified his decision to break his TV.

Later on insistence of his wife and children, Rane bought a new TV set from a shop after being convinced of shopkeeper’s Marathi identity, and immediately unsubscribed to all Gujarati channels his DTH service provider had to offer.

“Took part in the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and started from my TV. Cleaned up all Marathi hating Gujarati channels from it once and for all,” the son of senior Congress leader, Narayan Rane, later tweeted.

He further argued that in TVs, Marathi channels don’t get slots (channel nos) of their choice because they are Marathi’s and actors are non-vegetarians.

Meanwhile MNS chief Raj Thackeray is reported to have poked Rane on Facebook after this incident.