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Nitish Kumar creates 'Ministry of Sorcery' in Bihar cabinet for the welfare of local tantriks

27, Oct 2015 By Beer & Biryani

Patna: The Bihar cabinet has reportedly approved a new ‘Ministry of Sorcery’ for the state after chief minister’s recent visit to a Tantrik Baba for changing the results of assembly elections using sorcery.

Nitish Kumar after announcing Ministry of Sorcery
Nitish Kumar after announcing Ministry of Sorcery

Nitish Kumar, the Chief Minister of Bihar from the past 10 years, is believed to have visited a Tantrik to somehow make him a victor using the latter’s magical abilities.

When Nitish visited him, Tantrik Baba thought it was a very good opportunity for him to open up on issues faced by him and left no stone unturned in conveying the grievances of tantrik community.

The tantrik community held a town-hall with the CM to address their issues.

Faking News reporters reached Tantrik Baba’s place to get more information and here’s what he said about the whole interaction.

“This is not the first time when people visit me for solution to their problems but definitely a first time for the head of a state. I offered him my advice but most of our conversation was about the issues Tantrik’s face in the modern world,” said a tantrik with a wide grin.

“Shortage of skulls has definitely been an issue for us. At-least we need ceramic ones or of some material that has greater endurance and longevity. Apart from this, we need specialized wands with battery operation. We’re tired of using the regular Mashaal oriented ones,” he continued.

“He said he would speak to Halloween manufacturers from America and make sure one huge lot, sufficient enough for the entire community, is supplied to Bihar’s tantrik’s every year,” said tantrik baba as he appeared enthusiastic about imported apparatus.

Sources say, Nitish has announced the ministry of sorcery, Tantra Mantralay in Hindi, even before his tenure ends as a chief minister to capture the tantrik vote-bank for the remaining phases of assembly election.

Time will tell if such antics would lead to a ‘supernatural’ victory or result in a disgraceful defeat.