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Nitish Kumar praises BJP ministers in a cabinet meeting, BJP leaders worried he will break the alliance tomorrow

02, Aug 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

Lalu Yadav on Tuesday accused former partner and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar of being “greedy for power,” calling him a palturam (turncoat) who lacks political character.  But the BJP leaders were not worried by this allegation as they thought Nitish genuinely has respect for the BJP. It was only after today mornin’s cabinet meeting that BJP leaders are a worried lot. Actually Nitish praised some BJP ministers in todays meeting and that has made BJP leaders believe that Nitish will sonn break the alliance.


In last 20-30 days, Nitish had praised the ministers in the mahagatbandhan, and members of the alliance were feeling quite safe. But they had not realized that Nitish will dump them the way he did. BJP leaders have observed a pattern in Nitish’s U-turns, Nitish works with his colleagues, and when he thinks its time to break alliance, he praises the ministers and the next day he breaks alliance.

Nitish Kumar praising the BJP cabinet ministers has gone down well with Lalu, as Lalu is extremely sure that Nitish will come back to him if not soon than later. The BJP ministers who were praised by Nitish in the meeting are also in a state of confusion as they know that they have worked only for 4 days and have not done any substantial work which is praiseworthy. Nitish Kumar’s praise are like Karan Johar’s praise for respective colleagues, one doesn’t know if it is genuine or just for the sake of it. Faking News reporter caught up with a JDU party member who said, ” There is nothing to worry about. Before breaking Alliance, Nitishji will convey us 10-20 minutes before taking the decision, and all media houses will be called for the pres release. BJP leaders are just speculating as they don’t know the working style of our beloved CM.”