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No buyers for TVs in Diwali Sale as everyone waits for 2019 elections to get it free

30, Oct 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

 New Delhi: Retailers across the nation are reporting severe drop in sales of LED TVs this year compared to 2017 as people stay away from the shops. Even online retailers like Flipkart and Amazon are reporting very low numbers amid this waiting game played by the consumers. With 2019 elections on the horizon, people are staying away from buying Consumer durables as they are sure that political parties will provide them for free in exchange of votes next year.

Mostly electronics items like TV, Fridge, Washing Machine, Juicer-Mixer-Grinder are given free of cost to people during assembly elections but due to the high stakes in 2019 elections, political pundits believe that all these things will be given for free to everyone during Lok Sabha elections as well.

Speaking to Faking News, a leading retailer from Mumbai said,” We were expecting huge rush on the day we announced our Sale but I noticed that only a few people came in. Initially I thought PM Modi has announced another demonetization so I went and checked the ATM nearby but there were only 2 people there as well. Then I checked for any auto-taxi strike but even that was not the case. Then I spoke to some other retailers in the area and everyone reported the same problem. Finally, we did door to door survey in our area and came to know that people are just not buying any electronics item as they are certain to get it for free in just 6 months’ time.”

Meanwhile, political parties have started collecting online donations from people to fund the electronics items for the same people during the election season.