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No new facilities in jail compared to when I was here last time, where is development: Laloo Yadav

27, Dec 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

Patna: Lalu Yadav, jailed in Jharkhand on Saturday after being convicted in a corruption case, has been to prison seven times before, twice in the state’s capital Ranchi and five times in Patna. But never before has he had to contend with a jail manual being followed so strictly.


When the Bihar politician’s weekly quota of three visitors was exhausted within a couple of hours early on Monday morning, jail authorities informed him that according to the manual he can meet no more people all this week. Laloo is facing a strict shortage of facilities and blames the government of India for the lack of it in prisons. According to Laloo, the facilities inside prisons has not improved a bit after his last stay some 3 years back. Laloo has gone to jail 7 times in his political career and has a good knowledge of the Jail facilities.

Laloo has questioned the governments repeated talks of development wave in the country and according to him no country would be considered developed if the prisons where so many poor people live remains in such bad state. Laloo has vowed to fight this menace by reviewing jails across India. He has written a letter to the PM requesting him to allow him to stay in multiple Jails during his imprisonment so that he can review the state of prisons across the nations and form guidelines for the government.

Laloo has even asked for a team to carry the task. He has requested the politicians living in jails to come together and help him accomplish this noble activity after which all the prisoners most of whom are politicians will get huge relief and no one will be afraid of imprisonment.