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No problem with AAP Govt since none of them stays in Delhi: New LG

30, Jan 2017 By dasu

New Delhi: After a lot of acrimony between Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal and Mr. Najeeb Jung, many feared that CM-LG relations will never be cordial in Delhi. However, the new LG of Delhi, Anil Baijal and ruling AAP government seems to have great synergy between them. Though four weeks is not long enough to have any conclusion, but It is clear both the parties are very much comfortable while dealing with each other as AAP has not accused the new LG of anything yet.

Anil baijal
A perfect working relationship

When Manish Sisodia says new LG is a very positive man, Mr. Baijal reciprocates the same love and affection for AAP team which hardly disturbs him for any work. LG Baijal has credited Punjab and Goa elections for this smooth working relationship as nearly every AAP member is away to these two states leaving LG alone for the moment.

While speaking to Faking News for the first time, Mr. Baijal said, “Before I took charge, my family members were very apprehensive. They thought I would have ‘huge’ work load and the stress would be unbearable. It is nothing like that. I have thoroughly enjoyed my last four weeks in the capital.”

Mr. Baijal went on to add, “Forget any accusations against me, AAP members don’t even bother me with any files or meetings either. I think the problem during my predecessor’s tenure was lack of elections in the other states of India. Now we have Punjab and Goa elections keeping every AAP MLA busy. After 4th February, half of AAP MLAs will be outside the place where EVMs will be kept while others will be campaigning against BJP in UP. That will give me 5 more weeks of peace and quiet. After that, we will see. Maybe I will request PM Modi ji to call early elections in any random state currently ruled by BJP.

When we asked whether Delhi’s governance is getting affected by the absence of AAP leaders, LG Baijal laughed and asked ,”Kejriwal and Jung trading accusations was governance?”