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I am not racist, I eat ‘white’ idli and ‘black’ ragi dosa: Tarun Vijay

09, Apr 2017 By dasu

New Delhi: While participating in a discussion on Al Jazeera channel, ex-BJP MP Tarun Vijay said that Indians cannot be called racists as they live with “black people” from the southern states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Though he clarified later that this was just a misinterpretation of his badly framed sentence, the outrage over it is refusing to die down. Ragi Dosa

Now, to prove once and for all that he is not a racist, Tarun Vijay has made public the details of his breakfast. Tarun Vijay has said that how can he be a racist when he starts his day by eating a white idli, and a black ragi dosa every day.

Mr. Vijay said, “As you know idli and dosa are south Indian food items, but I like them more than a parantha or chhole-bhature. Please tell me if I have no affection for South Indian people, why would I do that? I can easily have half a dozen paranthas and go to sleep straight after breakfast but I don’t do that.”

When we asked why doesn’t he eat conventional dosa made from urad dal batter instead of ragi dosa, Mr. Vijay said, “For me, there is one clear criteria, for every white dish, I should have a black dish as well. If white idli, then dosa must be black. Some days ragi batter might not be ready, then I ask my cook to burn the conventional dosa, so that it becomes fully dark. I have no problem in eating a burnt dosa, for me color is important. That is why it hurt me so much when people alleged that I am racist.”

After that, we took our leave as Mr. Vijay returned to his fruit salad of white banana and black grapes.