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Now AAP to issue 'Being Beautiful' certificates signed by Somnath Bharti

06, Aug 2015 By chachachaudhary

New Delhi: Recently AAP MLA Somnath Bharti had said that if the Delhi Police comes under their control, beautiful ladies can roam around safely in Delhi.

After this statement all the beauty conscious ladies are confused as to who would be eligible and beautiful enough to qualify and roam around in Delhi. Everybody is holding their breath as what would be the eligibility criteria issued by AAP to judge if the women is beautiful or not.

Being Beautiful certificate issued by AAP
Being Beautiful certificate issued by AAP

Putting an end to all the speculations an AAP spokesperson said in a press conference, “From the next month onward AAP would be issuing beauty certificates signed by Somnath Bharti to the ladies of Delhi. Full security would be provided to them to roam around in Delhi 24X7. As driving license is compulsory for driving, PAN card compulsory for financial transaction, Passport compulsory for going outside the country similarly ‘Being Beautiful’ certificates would be compulsory for women to roam around safely in Delhi. Issuing ‘Being Beautiful’ certificates will further enhance AAP’s tradition of giving certificates.”

Earlier also AAP has issued ‘Being Honest’ certificates to AAP members, ‘Being Corrupt’ certificates to non AAP members, ‘Being Communal’ certificates to nationalists ‘Being Secular’ certificates to likeminded parties and ‘Being Agent’ certificates to  politicians. The entire task of printing and managing the certificates have been assigned to our documentation expert Jeetendra Tomar.”

After this statement women from entire India are looking forward to procuring this certificate. Femina has already issued a directive that from the next year Miss India title only girls having ‘Being Beautiful’ certificate issued by AAP would be eligible to participate.

Chunnu Bachelor has also said that he is going to marry a girl only if she has that AAPs ‘Being Beautiful’ certificate. A lot of marriage portals have declared discount of 50% on their membership fees for women having that certificate.

Many coaching classes have also come up to help ladies pass the Somnath Bharti’s beauty test and obtain the certificate. Few women who are not that confident that they would pass AAP’s beauty test are thinking of migrating to Mumbai or any other city.