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Now Bihar bans deodorants and perfumes as they contain alcohol

07, Apr 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Patna: Continuing the fight against alcohol, Bihar has introduced a total ban on deodorants and perfumes as they contain high percentage of alcohol. Earlier this week, total ban on alcohol had come into effect in Bihar.

Deo ban
Ab Bihar me Fogg nahin chal raha hai

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar had promised ban on alcohol during his election campaign and is now implementing that promise. As per sources, after deodorants and perfumes, Government is also going to extend the ban to hand sanitizers and after shave lotions due to their alcohol content.

Making this announcement, Bihar CM Nitish Kumar said, “I had promised the women of Bihar that I will stop their male counterparts from using alcohol and now is the time to fulfill that promise. They will no longer be able to drink alcohol, spray alcohol on their bodies or apply alcohol on their face after shaving. Now alcohol will become as common in Bihar as girls in Mechanical Engineering.”

Bihar Government is also looking for ways to stop the broadcast of Fogg deodorant ads on TV. “After listening repeatedly to Fogg chal raha hai, some people may start believing that we have failed to implement a total ban on deodorants. We don’t want any such misinformation to spread”, said Nitish Kumar.

“Our fight is not limited to Whiskey or Rum or Vodka or Beer; this is a fight against alcohol so how can we spare deodorants and perfumes? These products contain much higher percentage of alcohol than your beers or wines. If we spare them then we may get accused of favoritism by Whiskey manufactures so to ensure fairness, we have placed a ban on these products as well”, said a senior minister in Bihar Government.

Meanwhile, Engineering students have come out on to the streets to protest against this ban as they now fear that they may have to start taking regular baths to avoid body odour.