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Now Delhi MLAs decide to give up 400% pay hike to continue to avail LPG subsidy

29, Dec 2015 By Hemant Bijapurkar

New Delhi: In a developing story the Delhi MLAs have decided to now give up the 400% hike in their salary so that they can continue to avail LPG subsidy. The central government earlier in the day disallowed availing of LPG subsidy to anyone who has a taxable income of above 10 lakh per annum.

The nation wants to know
The nation wants to know

With the 400% hike the salary of the Delhi lawmakers increased from Rs 88,000/- to Rs 2.10 lakh per month. The older salaries yielded an income of about Rs 10,56,00/- which can easily be deflated below 10 lakh with the help of any decent Chartered Accountant.

We spoke to one such AAP MLA hoping to find any sherd of logic behind this move, “Well when Modi ji announced that the eligibility to buy LPG subsidy will now be capped for those earning below 10 lakh, it blew my mind away. If the media or the Aam junta gets to know we are no longer availing LPG subsidies we won’t be Aam aadmis anymore and can kiss our political futures goodbye. I believe this subsidy cap was a conspiracy of Modi and Jaitley so that we would incurr a loss of 400%! Even my wife would have beaten me after she gets to that she has to pay Rs 300 extra for a cylinder. There’s no problem for Modi ji as food in his house is usually cooked for only about 10-15 days a year thanks to his foreign tours and he can effectively live out 5 years with just 1 LPG cylinder.”

We spoke to a prominent analyst for his move, “Now tell me does anyone in this country ever want to give up anything that is free or discounted? Now you see even Ambani would deflate his income to below 10 lakh to avail LPG subsidy. Now consider all the college kids who have I Phones and Mac book who still avail student consesions for travelling in trains or buses, and also consider the millionaires who fall under reserved status still using reservation even if they don’t need it. Do you think such move by the government will be effective ?”

Now it reported that Arvind Kejriwal will sit on a dharna against all his MLAs to protest against the hike rollback.