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Now independent candidates in Maharashtra fight amongst each other over 'who will be CM'

19, Sep 2014 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. With all four major political parties in fray in Maharashtra elections fighting with their alliance partner over seat sharing and CM’s post, independent candidates in the state have also started fighting over who will be the CM amongst them.

Arguing that they were feeling left out of the current political atmosphere in Maharashtra, some independent candidates have come together to fight over who will stake claim over the top political post in the state.

Pawar and Uddhav reacting to the development
Pawar and Uddhav reacting to the development

“When leaders of parties like NCP can think of being  a CM, even after all that they have said and done in the last 10 years, why can’t we?” shot back an independent candidate when asked how could they dream of being a CM with their strength.

The independents further argue that current political situation gives them the best chance to use it to its advantage.

“With the way these parties are mudslinging each other, we independents have a very solid chance to come to power in the state, so it makes sense to debate and decide who should be CM now,” argued another independent candidate who was not from MNS.

The independents are also requesting Madhu Koda, an independent MLA who went on to become CM of Jharkhand, for some tips and pep-talk that could charge them for the battle ahead.

Meanwhile peeved with the turmoil within their own party and alliance, a few candidates from BJP are mulling the option of fighting as independent.

“Yaar I have a very good chance thanks to the Congress-NCP governance or rather the lack of it in the last 10 years. Can’t let it go over some silly ego clashes between my party and Shiv Sena,” a BJP MLA said over conditions of anonymity.

“Also I feel that I have a better chance as an independent riding on Modi ji’s brand as my party so far has failed to utilize Modi ji’s popularity in assembly elections,” he explained his plans of riding the “Modi wave”.