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Now Kejriwal raises doubts over Arnab Goswami’s journalism degree

28, Jun 2016 By 0mar Abdullah

Delhi: Disappointed with the type of questions Narendra Modi was asked by Arnab Goswami, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has now raised doubts over the genuineness of Arnab Goswami’s journalism degree. Narendra Modi gave his first TV interview after becoming PM to Arnab Goswami which was aired yesterday.

Degree dikhao Arnab!

“We are 100% sure that Arnab’s journalism degree is not real & we have filed an RTI in this case also like we did for PM Modi’s degrees. He has been working as a journalist unchecked for the past 2 decades without once showing his degree in journalism, this can’t be tolerated”, AAP Spokesperson Ashutosh told Faking News.

When asked why they have doubts over Arnab’s degree, Ashutosh replied, “It was his line of questioning during his interview with the Prime Minister. He didn’t ask several uncomfortable questions to PM Modi that we have raised every day since he became PM. We all know that Modi is a coward and a psychopath but Arnab didn’t mention this even once during his interview. He didn’t raise any of the million accusations we have made against the PM, This shows Arnab’s ignorance about the recent developments. That is not how a journalist should behave, I know from my experience.”

When we asked Arnab Goswami whether he can show us his degree certificate, he got really angry and said,”NEVER EVER EVER…. EVER NEVER EVER… FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER AND NEVER.. NEVER RAISE DOUBTS OVER MY CREDENTIALS AS A JOURNALIST.”

“If Arnab wants some good lesson about the Journalism, I would like to help him about the ethics and morals of unbiased Journalism”, Ashutosh said before leaving for a protest in front of Arnab’s college to ask for his degree certificate.