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Now Pakistan Army says that sending Militants across the border is nothing but their way of paying surprise visits

28, Dec 2015 By Hemant Bijapurkar

Islamabad: With the country still abuzz about Modi’s dashing surprise visit to Pakistan, the army has come out with a statement saying that sending Militants across borders is their way of paying surprise visits.

Modi and Sharif discussing 'surprise visits'
Modi and Sharif discussing ‘surprise visits’

Faking News reporter spoke to a retired Pakistani military official who is believed to be close to ISI. He said, “We are outraged. Everywhere I see Mr Modi is getting applause for paying a surprise visit to our PM. But no one has ever acknowleged us for all the surprise visits our militants have paid to India over the years. Leave aside applauding, the Pakistani government has always denied our presence to the world. What’s even more disheartening is the fact that Sharif sahab hadn’t taken the permission of our army chief before meeting Modi. The intolerance in India is now slowly spreading to Pakistan. Thankfully we still have enough radicalised, deranged individuals who are ready to do the work. These surprise visits have been going on since 67 years to promote unification and peace between the two countries by making them into Akhand Pakistan.”

We spoke to another such leader who echoed the same views, “You were all cheering when Modi ji went with Sharif sahab in a Pakistani helicopter. But all our Militants who cross into Kashmir travel in an Indian jeep with your separatist leaders, I mean freedom fighters; they also visit their homes on their birthdays or when someone’s getting married in their house. Just like Modi ji is copying the UPA schemes he was also copying us when he made that surprise visit. Hope Mr Mani Shankar Aiyar protests against it.”

After Faking News Initially broke this story the whole Pakistani establishment has gone into denial mode by saying that these allegations are as unfounded as Dawood Ibrahim being in Pakistan and Osama Bin Laden ever living in Abbotabad and calling the two Militray heads quoted in our article as possible non state actors and/or RAW agents.