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Obsessed Modi fan caught writing #NaMo4PM on his office walls

13, Sep 2013 By indianpsycho

Gurgaon. A 33-year-old diehard Narendra Modi fan, Keshav was today caught red-handed by the housekeeping department of his office when he was busy scribbling praises about the Gujarat Chief Minister on all the walls of his office under the pretext of doing “overtime”.

Keshav’s colleagues confirm though his behavior had always been odd but he went totally berserk after “sources” told him that Modi could soon be officially declared BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate.

“He would go mad and start abusing anyone who differed from his views on Modi,” one of the colleagues claimed.

Keshav was previously reprimanded by his boss when it came to his notice that he had written #NaMo4PM on all the notices company had put in the notice board.

Narendra Modi fan
Keshav wrote this when his wife asked him to write a cheque to pay for the house rent

He was finally given a suspension warning when he ended an official presentation with a collage of Narendra Modi and his (Modi’s) achievements on the last powerpoint slide in front of foreign clients.

He would take sick leaves to watch any event Modi would be part of as if it were a cricket match. Sources say he had also read all 56,800,800 links that Google came up with when searched for Narendra Modi.

He also demanded HR of his company to screen the BJP parliamentary board meet to be held on 13th September LIVE on a big screen if they didn’t want him to take leave.

Sources say his eccentric behavior was not just limited to office. He was on earlier occasion caught several times professing his love for Modi, by writing #NaMoStorm and #WeSupportNaMo where ever he could, such as walls of the lane where he stays, feedback forms at restaurants, credit card slips, etc.

“Last month Chintu, his son got just 10 numbers in maths paper, Keshav punished him by asking him to write #NaMo4PM thousand times on a paper and then went ahead to write the same in the remark column of his report card after signing it,” Keshav’s wife shared her frustration.

Keshav was no different in the virtual world. Since last couple of months, anything that he tweeted had #NaMo4PM and #NaMorocks as the default hashtags. Even his “Good morning” tweets and replies to any tweet or status on Facebook were appended with #Vote4NaMo.

“We know Narendra bhai has lot of genuine supporters and fans, but I would ask them to go slow and not go overboard,” requested BJP president Rajnath Singh when a delegation of Keshav-persecuted people met him.

Meanwhile a similar diehard fan of Rahul Gandhi was first reprimanded but later forgiven by Congress leaders after he was found writing #Pappu4PM and #PappuRocks in girl’s toilet of his office in his bid to promote Gandhi scion.

“We could not risk losing him. He belongs to highly endangered species you see,” confirmed a Congress leader on condition of anonymity.