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Odd-even is my proprietary, Trump can’t say will mediate on Kashmir on odd days, NO on even days: Kejriwal

25, Sep 2019 By dasu

New Delhi: Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has come down hard on US president on Trump after once again he offered to mediate on Kashmir issue while meeting Pakistan PM.


“What does he think of himself? Who has given him right to suggest I am ready to mediate on odd days and next day his administration says he is misquoted as he had a couple of pegs more”, asked Delhi CM. “First of all, he is US president, not like us Indian Politicians who can be misquoted on everything we say as we talk on different languages”, added Kejriwal while talking to reporters.

“Odd-even formula if he wants to apply on Kashmir issue, he must take my prior approval as I own the full copyright on flip-flops”, told Kejriwal asking Manish Sisodia to show the copy of the flip-flop patent to all the reporters present there.

“If you want to do flip flop, do it in a subtle manner. Learn from me, currently, I am doing on Ph.D. on this at IIT Delhi. Aur Sharm kis baat ka kissi se kuch sikh ne se. Virat called me yesterday asking me to help, Shreyas Iyer or Rishabh Pant who should go at no 4 positions on odd days”, told Delhi CM.

But Delhi CM refused to comment on the recent bonhomie PM Modi and Trump showed at Howdy Modi event. When a reporter asked Kejriwal what PM Modi should convey to Trump tonight when both leaders meet, he said, “Jo dil mein aaye woh mein bol deta hoon ya kar deta hoon like making metro or bus rides free for women in Delhi. But Modi JI ke upar mein soch samajh kar answer deta hoon. No comments on Modi Ji, please”, told Delhi CM before leaving the press conference.