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One student asks PM Modi about his 15 lakh during Pariksha pe Charcha

18, Feb 2018 By Guest Patrakar
A famous English writer once said children are very to the point, one should always be ready for all kind of possibilities while dealing with them. That’s exactly what happened on Friday when Prime Minister had to face a moment of embarrassment when a student of class 8th asked PM about his 15 lakhs while latter was addressing students during ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha’ or ‘Exam ki Baat’ programme.
PM Modi god stunned in Delhi’s Talkatora Stadium when a student named Ankur Morya asked him where are his 15 lakhs which PM Modi promised during 2014 rallies. Ankit is a class 8th’s student of Delhi’s Vidya Bharati Public School. He asked this question during a Question Answer round with PM Modi. Ankit’s question not only embarrassed Modi but also his school teachers who never thought that Ankit could come up with something like this.
PM Modi though instead of dodging his question, answered it beautifully. He asked Ankit “who told you that I’ll give everyone 15 lakhs” to which Ankit replied “He saw that in a post on FB”. Modi laughed and patted young Ankit and said “Children are like clay, you can shape them in whatever shape you want. Ankit learned this on FB which is the source of all lies. It’s not his fault he believed what he saw. But students we shouldn’t do this, we shouldn’t believe everything we see. We should go through the reality before believing in anything. Especially when it is given on internet.” PM even gave Ankit a gift for showing courage to put up this question.
Though opposition tried to milk this opportunity when Rahul Gandhi from his twitter account said “It’s not just me but many people like me are asking Modi ji only one thing. Where are our 15 lakhs. Even I am like Ankit, please answer me Modi ji”. But it backfired pretty badly for Yuvraj as Ankit’s father Devdhar in a press conference said “Rahul Ji shouldn’t play his dirty politics on my child. And please don’t say he too is like Ankit. Ankit is way smarter than him, even at this age.”
Both PM Modi and Ankit survived this controversy. But this incident left two big questions ahead of ourselves. First is how easy for a common man to fall for fake news. Is this what we want our children to grow up to? And second is even after trying so many things opposition are not able to contain Narendra Modi. What will be their next move? Well this will only time will tell, Till then keep reading Faking News.