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Opposition demands parliamentary resolution condemning Archie Comics for killing Archie

20, Jul 2014 By manithan

New Delhi: Congress and Trinamool Congress hav asked for resolution in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha to condemn the Archie comics for killing Archie. Lok Sabha was adjourned earlier this week over the issue, but opposition has planned to raise it again for the whole of next week.

Addressing a press conference today, a Congress MP said, “We want to pass a resolution condemning Archie Comics, as it had killed Archie cruelly. We are totally appalled by this inhuman side of Archie comics and the support it receives from USA. So, we want to condemn them for killing the innocent Archie.”

A Congress leader shared this with us, saying that Archie and Rahulji have lot in common. He went on to say that Archie was an retroactive inspiration from Rahul baba and Archie copied all his styles, which is evident from R (R for Rahulji) printed in all his shirts. What he didn’t say was that Archie had a girlfriend named Veronica.

The demand was backed by many other opposition parties, especially Trinamool Congress, which insisted that this be done even if it was a Sunday today.

The press conference was followed with a protest by Congress MPs led by Rahul Gandhi. Rahul was reading an Archie comics throughout the protest, while Youth Congress leaders burnt Amar Chitra Katha copies.

“Archie sounds like Christian name, and BJP does not want to condemn someone killing a Christian. This proves that NDA is anti-minority,” Congress leader Digvijay Singh claimed.

The issue was raised by many news channels too, with many independent and unbiased journalists wondering if Narendra Modi had started showing his fascist colors after the election victory.

“Modi did not care for the percentage of voters who happened to be Archie’s fan. By this, he has forgot to live up to the mandate people gave him. Just because Archie’s fans are minority, Modi has treated them like how he treats other minorities!” claimed a senior journalist.

Meanwhile Congress has credited Rahul Gandhi as the main force behind this resolution.

When asked by this Faking News reporter for a response, Rahul Gandhi first smiled for two minutes and then said, “Yes. I was depressed by the news of death of Archie in the Archie comics. I cried for hours, until Mommy gave me juice. I said no to any juice, as I have seen protestors saying ‘death to juice’ as juice kills innocents. But we will keep fighting for Archie.”