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PA Sangma offers free mixer-grinder to Tamil Nadu MLAs if they vote for him

12, Jul 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

Chennai. Realizing the fact that Tamil Nadu voters are always wooed by freebies, PA Sangma has offered freebies like mixer-grinder, color TVs, laptops, etc. to MLAs and MPs from the state if they vote for him in the forthcoming presidential elections.

“If you give me vote, I’ll give you a color TV, free!” Sangma made the offer to an MLA, who tried to negotiate for a dozen 42-inch LED TVs with pre-installed Tata Sky HD+ connection prepaid for lifetime for each of them.

“That’s too much; at best I can give you some travel discount coupons for airline travel that I’d get from Pratibha Patil when I take charge,” Sangma is reported to have told the MLA, who was getting too greedy negotiating an electoral deal.

PA Sangma
“That’s all I can offer you as President. No money, no wine, no free dances,” said Sangma to one of the voters.

The former NCP leader is reported to have made similar offers to other MLAs and MPs from Tamil Nadu, promising them freebies that are usually promised by political parties to the aam aadmi before assembly elections in the state.

Sources indicate that even though AIADMK has already extended support to Sangma, the presidential aspirant is not taking any risk and promising freebies to AIADMK leaders too.

“I guess AIADMK leaders are keen on getting freebies from Sangma so that they can in turn give the same to the voters who voted for them in anticipation of free gifts and are yet to receive those,” claimed an expert on state politics.

However DMK leaders are tough nut to crack as they have been negotiating their support to Sangma as shrewdly as they do it with Congress for their support to UPA.

“The TVs that we gave out to our voters were of lower quality; some of them spent more on repairing the free TV than they’d have otherwise spent on buying the same TV. We don’t want to be fooled in a similar way,” a DMK MLA told Faking News on conditions of anonymity.

“After the spectrum scam, we have gone hi-tech and we need quality stuff,” he added.

According to sources, some MLAs have even demanded luxury cars while others have asked for land and property in New Delhi near Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Sangma has not promised them anything as he’s not sure if a President earns so much or has the power to spend so much.

“One thing is for sure; these MLAs and MPs are not as foolish as the aam aadmi, who gets excited just by free mixer-grinder or TVs or some sentimental slogans. These guys bargain hard for their vote!” an expert pointed out.

(based on this exclusive scoop by goingmad)