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Pak is such a tolerant nation that they even tolerate terrorists flourishing on their soil: Secular Activist

06, Nov 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Karachi: Celebrated socio-political activist and columnist Shamshendra Kulkarni, well known for his love for Pakistan has declared that Pakistan is the most tolerant nation in the world.

Shamshendra Kulkarni
Shamshendra Kulkarni feels Pakistan is a tolerant nation

His argument is that if a country can tolerate a heinous and nefarious ideology such as terrorism on its soil then who can be more tolerant than them?

Speaking to reporters at a press conference he said, “Pakistan tolerates Afgani-Talibani terrorists very well and has even given them a place in SWAT valley. Pak also loved to tolerate international brand of terrorists such as Bin Laden as Musharraf paaji recently clarified. Pak even tolerates the presence of terror+philanthropy based outfits such as JuD on its soil. So what other examples of tolerance do you need? India can’t even tolerate innocent outfits such as SIMI. We have a lot to learn from them on tolerance.”

On being asked if he loves Pakistan for these tolerant qualities he smiled and said, “Yes, and I am a soldier, solider of peace and love. I love Pak for their negligible intolerance levels and their wide-spread outrage. They don’t do selective outrage like we do, they outrage against everyone. I wish I was born on this extremely tolerant and unbiased land. But anyhow I will try to see that our country and Pak can together become much more tolerant than before.”

Towards the end of the press conference Kulkarni became very emotional and said, “I went to the Wagah border the other day and saw the show of strength between the soldiers. I realized I am a soldier of peace and love. I wanted to stop those soldiers but looking at their aggressive stance, I was afraid to be kicked by them. Suddenly I felt a sort of identity crises; I did not know which side of the border should I be standing on. This is the same identity crises I want to see in the minds and hearts of everyone in the country.”