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Pakistan Government refuses to construct a dam to control flow of terrorists to India

27, Sep 2016 By manithan

Islamabad: As India prepares to build dams on rivers under Indus Water Treaty (IWT), Pakistan has clarified that they are not going to build any dams on their side to control the flow of terrorists into India. As per Pakistan government sources, constructing any dams right now might lead to heightened tensions so they are acting mature by letting terrorism flow into India without any barriers.

Terrorist groups celebrating the fact that there won’t be any dams stopping them

Speaking in a press meet, Pakistan’s Foreign ministry spokesperson said, “Indian government has been trying to threaten Pakistan that it might play with the agreements laid out in the Indus Water Treaty. I want to remind India that gifting is the custom of South Asians and India must respect the culture that we share. We got the gift of all of Indus water and gave the gift of terrorism across the border but now India suddenly doesn’t want to follow our culture?”

Changing his tone from friendly to fury, he continued, “Modi government must realize that by building dams, we increase differences between our two nations. Why can’t they follow our lead and stop all dams on their side too? Hopefully sense will prevail and they will stop the construction on their dams too. If they don’t listen, Nawaz saab will raise this issue during the next UN General Assembly and request UN to demolish their dams.”

Adjusting the mic, he clinched his fist and threw his index finger towards the camera and said, “Modi says blood and water can’t flow together, why not? Why this defeatist attitude by Indian PM? At least we can try? They can let the water flow from that side and we will let the blood flow from our end. Lets show the world that together, Pakistan and India can make the impossible, possible.”

On further questioning, Pakistan spokesperson denied that they aren’t building dams to stop terrorism because they haven’t received any money for it from USA.