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Pakistani players who praise Narendra Modi will be included in IPL-8: Giriraj Singh

21, Apr 2014 By Sandeep Kadian

Patna. Two days after courting controversy by saying that those opposing Narendra Modi would have to go to Pakistan after general elections, Giriraj Singh has issued another controversial statement.

The Bihar BJP leader has now declared that Pakistani players, who show public support and admiration for Narendra Modi, will definitely be included in the next season of IPL.

Pakistani players haven’t been part of IPL ever since 26/11 Mumbai attacks, even though Pakistani diplomats, actors, singers, journalists, gamblers, umpires, and commentators have been regularly visiting India, with many of them being integral part of the private T20 cricket league.

“Those who are supporting Modi ji are welcome to India, even if they are Pakistanis,” Giriraj Singh said at the risk of becoming “secular” in the eyes of his latest supporters and critics.

“Last time Pakistani players played in IPL, a Modi was in-charge. They can get a chance to play again as a Modi will be in-charge again!” Singh further added.

Giriraj Singh
Giriraj Singh explaining his plan

However, the BJP Lok Sabha candidate from Nawada constituency later clarified that the offer was valid till 12th May only, when polling conclude. Any support expressed thereafter will not be considered for the IPL visa.

Experts believe that this is a plan by BJP to try and show international acceptability for Narendra Modi. A leading secular expert on the condition of anonymity told Faking News, “They are trying to use IPL money to lure these players and later they will claim international and minority support both. BJP is just trying to fool people with help of corporate money.”

As soon as the expert mentioned “corporate money”, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) declared that they were opposed to Giriraj Singh’s and BJP’s plan to include Pakistani players in next edition of IPL.

“Our analysis says that Modi will add all the star Pakistani players in Mumbai Indians as he is controlled by Ambani. All the other IPL teams will lose out to Mumbai Indians if Modi becomes PM,” AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal exposed the devious plans of BJP.

Congress too has opposed Giriraj Singh’s move.

“Why is BJP ignoring Sri Lankan players who couldn’t play in Chennai last time and mostly went unsold this time? They are just talking about Pakistani players as BJP always indulges in minority appeasement,” Digvijay Singh claimed with a straight face.

While political parties were divided, the proposal has been welcomed by a lot of IPL viewers in India who are excited at the prospect of watching superstars from across the border.

However, many felt that Giriraj Singh needs to add that he will ban Ramiz Raja from commentary after government formation to get greater support from IPL fans.

Pakistani cricketers have not reacted to this offer as yet as they calculate the potential earnings from an IPL contract vis a vis the risk they face in their home country if they publicly support Modi.