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Panic in AAP HQ as they struggle to collect 300 pages of corruption proof against Shanti Bhushan

23, Jan 2015 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. Ever since AAP founder and mentor Shanti Bhushan called Kiran Bedi as a better Chief Ministerial candidate than Arvind Kejriwal, people in AAP circles had gone into an overdrive collecting corruption charges and allegations against him.

However unable to gather their standard 300 pages of corruption evidence against Bhushan Sr even after 24 hours since his comment, has created a state of panic in AAP headquarters.

Shanti Bhushan preferring to stand closer to Bedi than Kejriwal, a proof he was always with corrupt BJP, insisted AAP.

Leaders have started doubting their capabilities and wondering if they have lost the midas touch of just about labeling and proving anyone corrupt.

“Are we losing it? Do we now have it in us to get a 300 page corruption proof against anyone and everyone as and when the need demands,” wondered Manish Sisodia as he went into an introspective drive.

Sources tell Faking News that brains at AAP tried many things to achieve the feat. But even after taking corruption of  Shanti’s close friends, relatives, neighbours, etc into consideration, AAP was unable to take the figure up to 300 pages.

“Even Prashant being a true AAPian agreed to sacrifice his own image for party’s sake and offered proofs of some corruption he did while submitting fake petrol bills during his time as lawyer in a private firm, but still the figure did not touch 300,” revealed an AAP insider.

“At one point we were so depressed that, we thought of shortening the size of each page. But still couldn’t touch the magical figure,” he went on to disclose.

Some AAP volunteers even dig up an old piece of Shanti Bhushan where he had criticized Kejriwal, as a proof that Bhushan was always corrupt from beginning, but senior leaders asked them to forget it as people may have also forgotten about it.

Now AAP is in the process of setting up a chance encounter between Shanti Bhushan and some industrialist already declared corrupt by AAP like Adani, Ambani etc.

“We will try to capture them in one frame and then circulate those pics on Social Networking sites. We are confident interpretation of those pics will be taken care of by our loyal supporters,” said an excited AAP leader.