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Parliament announces “Adjourn from Home” facility for the MPs

27, Aug 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. With Parliament being adjourned every day, government has decided to save precious time of the lawmakers that is being wasted in commuting to the Parliament building and going back to their respective residences after daily adjournments.

“Now MPs can stall the parliament right from their homes,” Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal announced, “The original plan was to introduce ‘Work from Home’ but since no work is taking place, we changed the plan to ‘Adjourn from Home’ so that MPs subscribe to it.”

Every MP has been asked to join Twitter to take part in the “Adjourn from Home” program. Each morning, the Speaker of the respective houses will Tweet this – RT if you want the house adjourned, Favorite if you want to work.

Lok Sabha
Why trouble going to the Parliament when you can afford not to work from home itself?

“If there are more RTs than Favorites, the house will be adjourned,” Mr. Bansal explained.

Experts believe that this is a very sane decision by the government as the nation was suffering losses like petrol used by MPs to visit Parliament and electricity consumed by both houses of the Parliament while MPs shouted to adjourn the house.

“Other losses are all notional,” Ravi Mathai, an expert claimed about the frequent comment on losses to the nation due to Parliament not functioning.

Mathai claims that among the other ‘notional’ losses are dozens of pending bills and government notifications, which would have become laws of the land without any serious debate and analysis as per the parliamentary traditions.

“Non-functioning of parliament also means that the government has failed to take the token approval of the nation for badly executing many of the ill-conceived policies for the perceived well-being of the citizens of this country,” Mathai explained.

It should be noted that Parliament had done almost no work, like debating laws without attendance of MPs or Ministers reading out incomplete and indolent replies to vague questions asked by passive opposition, because of the uproar over a CAG report that seemingly indicts Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for a massive scam.

“Don’t get me wrong, the country and the parliament has been running in this way for ages,” Mathai told Faking News, “At least now you don’t hear scams like MPs taking money to ask questions.”

Mathai predicted that the ruling party and opposition will agree to let Parliament function for a few minutes on some day, and all work scheduled for the whole Monsoon Session will be carried out in those few minutes.

Meanwhile the MPs have welcomed the government’s decision to allow them to adjourn parliament from their homes itself. However, many of them are confused over how to join Twitter.