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Parliament Street closed for the day as MPs shoot their Kiki Challenge videos

31, Jul 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Parliament Street (Sansad Marg) in Delhi will remain closed for the next 24 hrs as all the Indian MPs are getting in on the latest viral phenomenon, the Kiki challenge. To make sure there are no traffic problems due to the challenge, Delhi Traffic Police has decided to close the road for all other vehicles for the day.

The “Kiki challenge” involves jumping out of a moving car and dancing alongside it to Drake’s hit In My Feelings, while the car continues moving. It has become an online rage with people from all over the world posting their videos executing the challenge.

Speaking to Faking News, an MP from Central India said, “This is just a way for us to connect to young voters. They will feel we are the true representatives of them if they see us doing stupid things for Likes and Retweets online. One MP came up with the idea while having the subsidized lunch in Parliament canteen and soon everyone showed interest in doing the challenge. There is nothing to do inside the parliament, at least we can achieve something during this Monsoon session.”

“All the MPs doing the challenge on the road could have created problems for the other commuters so we requested Delhi Police to make some arrangements. They have decided to close the road completely to make sure common people aren’t affected while we do our challenge,” the MP added.

A Delhi Police official while confirming the news said, “Actually, we just didn’t want the people to see their elected representatives acting like fools and then falling down on the side of the road in the process. They may have started wondering about the point of democracy itself.”

Meanwhile, BMC has warned Mumbaikars against trying any Kiki challenge stunt in Mumbai and has said that BMC will not be responsible if any resident falls into a pothole while doing this challenge.