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Parliament to be converted into amusement park to recover lost money

28, Nov 2011 By Mouthful

New Delhi. Reacting to criticisms that the nation was losing 2 crore rupees each day due to parliament being adjourned randomly, government has decided to convert the parliament into an amusement park. Once any house of the Parliament is adjourned, an aam aadmi will be able to buy tickets and see MPs doing things that will amuse him or her no end. The scheme will be launched for Lok Sabha first.

“No, we are not doing away with the parliament itself or the law making process; Parliament will do that on odd days,” Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal clarified, “But on most of the days, when no business takes place inside the parliament, instead of leaving for their homes or the canteen, our MPs will stay back and indulge in things that will amuse people – something that we are calling amusement park.”

Parliament of India
Soon, this place will be earning money for the nation.

Parliament sources say that the idea popped into a Samajwadi Party MP’s mind when he saw Lalu Yadav and Mulayam Singh Yadav playing cards in one corner. Soon, the creative Kabil Sibal came up with a rough blueprint of the whole proposal that will bring down the loss due to non-functioning of the parliament to his favorite number – zero.

It was proposed that Navjot Singh Sidhu would be the usher at the door who would introduce airs of joviality through his phrases and facial gestures. If the visitors fail to laugh at the jokes of Sidhu, they will be taken to the region where Rahul Gandhi will be speaking on national issues.

Sonia Gandhi will be having her own puppet show, while DMK members will run telephone booths.

A toy train will also be installed inside the premises that will be driven by senior BJP leader LK Advani. The joy ride will be called “Rath Yatra” but visitors will not be charged any extra ticket to ride the toy train.

However, visitors will have to pay extra to see Mayawati’s statue, which is being touted as the main attraction.

Mr. Sharad Pawar would be given a small area to plough so that he may better understand the plight of the farmer. Sources claim that he would also be wearing a head gear so that nobody slaps him, but Faking News can’t confirm this.

The proposal of setting up of the amusement park was accepted by a voice vote by both the houses of the parliament. The “park” will be open for public viewing next week when the Lok Sabha adjourns as soon as it starts.