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Parliament to find out if the caveman drew offensive cartoons

11, May 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. After unearthing a more than 60 years old cartoon on Jawaharlal Nehru and BR Ambedkar, which appeared offensive to every one of them, the honorable members of the Parliament have decided to inspect every place of archaeological significance to find out if the Indians living in the medieval, ancient, or pre-historic times made fun of some national figure or icon. If any such offensive drawing is found, MPs will immediately remove them.

“What if there was someone who was drawing offensive cartoons on the walls of cave while our forefathers were busy hunting animals for food outside in the wilderness?” Kancha Raja, an MP belonging to the LLB (Let’s Look Backwards) party expressed his concerns.

Nehru-Ambedkar cartoon
The offensive cartoon that was threatening the foundation of democracy in India all these years

“In fact, I had seen such cave paintings in NCERT textbooks when I was in school,” Kancha claimed, “I could never understand them then, but now I think they were made to mock our hardworking and honest forefathers.”

“Those paintings of bulls drawn during the Harappan era, I find them so offensive. I think they mean bullshit in pictorial language,” the MP interpreted the cave paintings and declared them offensive.

Kancha was backed by honorable members cutting across party lines who agreed that any cartoons drawn in prehistoric times were the most worrisome aspect of today’s modern life and needed to be resolved.

“We should also have a re-look at those nude paintings in Khajuraho,” Pornveer Pandey, another MP suggested, “I think they were made by sinful and shameful people. We must not accept anything just because they were accepted in the past.”

“We are a matured democracy now,” he added.

Agreeing with such observations and grave concerns raised by the honorable members, the Parliament of India decided to form a committee to inspect every place and work of historical and archaeological importance and dig out any dirt that was never known to the people of those times.

“Kapil Sibal ji will head the committee as he is expert in assessing offensive materials,” Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal informed.