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Party fires its panelist who allowed rival party’s panelist to speak uninterrupted for 10 seconds

21, Dec 2017 By dasu

New Delhi: Congress party has asked its party spokesperson Ajoy Kumar to look for a career option outside after he failed to protect party’s interest by allowing BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra to speak uninterrupted for 10 seconds during a TV debate.


“If it was two or three seconds, I would have ignored it considering this is peak winter, all of us are suffering from throat infection. Full ten seconds he kept quiet when my dear friend Sambit Patra was blasting my party’s performance in recently concluded assembly polls”, said Manish Yadav, head of spokesperson committee of the Congress party.

Manish added, “Party under the leadership of Rahul Ji is different. Everyone will be held accountable for their performance. No more, party is going to tolerate non-performance. Everyone in the party has been informed about it. That’s why with a heavy heart I have decided to let Mr. Ajoy go and look for some options outside”.

Republic TV clarified, the mike at Ajoy’s desk was working fine. It was his sheer laziness which cost him the job.

Republic TV head Mr. Arnab Goswami told, “I tell all my panelists, do not allow each other’s to speak uninterrupted, this brings down the debate quality in my show. If you do that, my TV audience would understand what is the topic of discussion. Then they might switch to another channel. I cannot allow that, keep everyone confused till end of the debate”.

As the job market is bad, Ajoy is finding tough to get a regular job. BSP and CPM have offered him contractual role on per hour basis.

“Regularly I do not get calls asking me to send my party representative to go for a TV debate. We do not have fulltime party spokespersons anymore. On few issues, we do get some calls. That’s when I request people like Ajoy to go and represent us”, said Sathish Mishra, secretary of BSP.