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Party with stronger meme game will form government in Gujarat: EC

24, Nov 2017 By itsmihir1993

On Wednesday, the Election Commission announced that the party which will make better memes to malign the other party will form the government in Gujarat, as against the traditional method of conducting elections and deciding the winner based on the number of votes.


The announcement came soon after members of both the party took to Twitter to share memes—to strike a chord with the netizens—only to later delete them after receiving backlash for the distasteful memes.

The Congress’ Yuva Desh shared a meme calling the prime minister a chaiwala. Offended, actor-BJP MP Paresh Rawal answered back by calling them bar-wala. He said, “Calling Narendra bhai a chaiwala will get us votes from chaiwalas, but what about coffee-lovers? They won’t vote for us after seeing this meme. Moreover, I am a coffee person. Chai is not just distasteful but also tasteless, according to me,” he said. Rawal later deleted the tweet, calling the joke “hurtful and in bad taste.”

However, the Congress party had already scored a point after Rawal’s bar-wala tweet. “Calling us bar-wala will only help us win the Gujarat Assembly Elections. Gujarat, being a dry state, hasn’t really quenched the thirst of gujaratis. With the new name, gujaratis will vote for us hoping that we will open bars in the state,” said Rahul Gandhi, who is set to become the party President after getting elected by himself and mother Sonia Gandhi.

The meme game of the leaders from both the parties is only getting stronger after the battle kicked off earlier this week. The Chief Electoral Officer of Gujarat, identifying the low costs of conducting an election through memes, announced that every election henceforth will be won by the party getting more “likes” and “retweets” on their tweets.

Further investigations have revealed that the Congress party has started recruiting trolls to make memes before the elections. On the other hand, BJP IT Cell head Amit Malviya refused to hire abusive trolls to make memes. “We don’t need to hire new abusive trolls,” he said.