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Pawan Kumar Bansal to undergo sex change to become a ‘Daughter of Chandigarh’

23, Mar 2014 By Sandeep Kadian

Chandigarh. Former Railway Minister and sitting MP from Chandigarh, Pawan Kumar Bansal announced today that he will be undergoing a sex change operation this coming week.

Apparently, he has taken this step to present himself as ‘Daughter of Chandigarh’ and level the playing field in the electoral battle for Chandigarh.

Gul Panag, Kirron Kher, and Pawan Kumar Bansal
Daughters of Chandigarh?

Mr Bansal has won the Chandigarh seat 4 times including the last 3 elections in a row. However, this time he is facing stiff competition from BJP’s Kirron Kher and AAP’s Gul Panag, both of whom have tried to strike an emotional chord with the voters by branding themselves as ‘Daughters of Chandigarh’.

Speaking to Faking news, a close aide of Mr Bansal said, “He will be undergoing the operation this week. This will give enough time to campaign across the city and make his.. sorry, her case. This move just shows the dedication and determination of Mr Bansal, he is totally devoted to Chandigarh and wants the chance to serve the city at any cost.”

“Our opponents are struggling to find issues to fight on, so they are busy making emotional appeals based on their past association with the city. With this one move, Mr. Bansal will take away all their election issues,” he went on to add. He rejected the claim that allegations of corruption against the former Railway Minister was any “issue”.

Experts believe that this may also help Pawan Bansal dissociate himself from the tainted image and kill that issue like goats are killed to appease gods. Mr Bansal was forced to resign as Railway minister after a bribery scam involving his nephew.

One such expert said while speaking to us, “He will be reborn after this operation. A new identity, a new person, a new image. I can’t see how the incidents during his past life can be linked to Bansal 2.0. He will have a clean slate after this.”

Meanwhile sources tell Faking News that the sex change operation by Bansal is a master stroke by Rahul Gandhi, and we could see more sex change operations after the elections.

“Women empowerment!” the source explained.