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People who are speaking bad about government are those who are jobless and don’t pay tax: BJP Minister

30, Sep 2017 By dasu

New Delhi: After Yashwant Sinha’s strong criticism about the way current NDA government is handling India’s economy, many ministers have come forward ‘proactively’ to defend the government.

While defending, the ministers use standard responses like how India is the fastest economy in the world. The problem India is facing today are the legacy problems from previous UPA government, three and half years is nothing but little more than 1200 days, not sufficient to reverse all the bad work of UPA.

Surprisingly these standard responses didn’t get sufficient empathy for the government. Taking a view of that, some ministers have changed their tactics. Now they have started questioning the ‘niyat’ of the people who are criticizing the government.

One such minister while talking to us he said, “The reaction is coming from people who are jobless. These are the same people who do not pay a single penny as income tax to the state exchequer for nation building. Taking advantage of the unlimited data plans some telecom providers have provided, these people’s only job is to criticize the government in social media.”

We pointed to him that the same jobless people though do not pay income tax, they pay GST for most of the products they buy or the services they use, he told us, “So, what’s great they are doing. They are only doing their job as the law of the land demands”. On our query does law of the land prohibits such bad ‘niyat’ people to criticize the government, the Minister got agitated and stood up to leave the interview in the middle.

Our reporter who was going to his hometown for Dussehra festival after paying a hefty price for a premium tatkal ticket, got a kick on his ass from railway TTE as he was sleeping after 6 AM. “Law of the land says you cannot sleep beyond 6 AM. Your Aadhaar is linked boss, we can track who is doing what in this country. Railway minister se panga lene ka pata chala,” said TTE loudly to our reporter.