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People wearing Pink shirts pledge support to Narendra Modi

27, Oct 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

Patna. After a group of animal lovers declared their support to Rahul Gandhi because the Congress leader loved dogs (ones with four feet), BJP’s Narendra Modi too got support from a group of men who love to wear pink shirts and kurtas.

The BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate was earlier spotted wearing pink waistcoat in Hunkaar Rally here by a volunteer of the group that aims to unite men wanting to wear more pink than is socially acceptable.

NaMo in Pink
Narendra Modi has been spotted wearing pink on earlier occasions too

“Women have appropriated the color pink, and we men have tough time picking this color without being ridiculed as being feminine,” Rohit Raj, one of the activists of “Mardon Wali Gulaabi Gang” told Faking News.

“We were smitten by Narendra Modi wearing pink during the rally. Real men wear pink,” he added, “My vote will go to NaMo for picking pink over usual colors like blue or black.”

Rohit soon updated his views on the Facebook page he manages and he got support from scores of pink loving men who started “liking” and commenting on the post.

“Right man in wrong colored party,” one of the comments read as volunteers declared that they will surely vote for Modi in the coming elections.

There were a few dissenting voices too. One guy named Sanjay Jha declared that he will throw away and burn down his pink chaddi because the color was now associated with a person he can never support. He also unliked the page, sources say.

However, as the “likes” on the post crossed 400, the “Mardon Wali Gulaabi Gang” declared support for Narendra Modi. Some further commented that they also liked the well trimmed white beard of Modi and that was an additional reason for their political support.

Experts hail this development, and the earlier development of animal lovers supporting Rahul Gandhi for his love for dogs and for having dimples on his cheeks, as signs of maturity of the Indian democracy.