Per Month five null pointer exception solutions will be provided to each techie: Arvind Kejriwal

09, Dec 2019 By dasu

Delhi: In a big boost to the morale of thousands of techies working in Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal announced five null pointer exception solutions will be provided free of cost to every techie per month.


“If one needs more solutions, the person can approach the Shunya Suchak Mohalla Clinics that Delhi govt has setup near every IT park. Just for 20 rupees nominal charge you will get an additional customized solution”, announced Delhi CM in a press conference at Vigyan Bhavan.

Delhi CM also talked about tie up with twiggy which will do home delivery or office delivery as per the need within four hours. “This is for techies who might not have email accounts that accepts big attachments in emails”, told Manish Sisodia. “Our volunteers will stay at the office till solution is incorporated and released to customers. Only after end customer acknowledges solution, we will count it as one free solution. Hum Kaamdar hain, naamdar nahin”, thundered Mr. Sisodia.

After providing free metro, bus rides, free electricity, water, data, what next AAP government will do next to win next assembly election? When this question was put to renowned psephologist Mr. Yogendra Yadav, he said, “Iss ki barein mujhe toh pata nahin hai. Lekin agar hum Delhi ko theek tarah se dekhe toh lag bhag saare middle class people ko Mr. Kejriwal has reached out. Whether they will vote for him or not we can know only on the day counting happens. Yeh aap ko pata hai, aur mujhe bhi, Modi Ji and Shah Ji are not going to keep quiet. So, I would say it would be a close election”.

We are hearing from our sources next up Delhi Govt is planning to put an assistant those who are ‘compelled’ to take calls or do texting during driving. “Drunk people we can not help, but someone who has to work while driving, this much we can support. Are we doing anything wrong?” asked a senior AAP minister.